Complete House Screen Package

Complete House Mold Screening Package


Is something in your house making you sick? Use this package, to perform a complete house screen!  Find air mold and surface mold.

Our Complete House Screen package includes:

  • Sonin Moisture Test Tool
  • (2) Instant Mold Test Kits
  • (3) Viable Mold Test Kits
Save 44%  – a $109.70 value if purchased individually!

Sonin Moisture Test Tool. Professional Mold Inspectors look for trapped moisture behind walls floors and ceilings to locate hidden mold. With this simple Moisture Test Tool, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers can quickly locate hidden mold themselves. – more

Instant Mold Test Kit. This Kit allows you to determine whether a substance is mold in approximately 10 minutes without returning the kit to our laboratory. If the substance turns out to be mold, optional laboratory analysis is available to determine whether the mold is an allergenic, pathogenic or toxigenic organism. This optional laboratory analysis is available for $30. – more

Viable Mold Test Kit. This is our most versatile kit. It can be used in each of the following ways and does not require laboratory analysis to determine whether a substance is mold: to test a substance that you suspect is mold but do not know for certain, to test the air you are breathing, to test the air moving through your heating or air conditioning system, to test a suspicious substance on a wall, floor, ceiling or personal possession. Optional laboratory analysis is available for $30. – more

Complete House Screen Pkg: $61.95