Ultimate Mold Inspection Package

Ultimate Mold Inspection Package$199.95

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This package gives you the knowledge, tools and professional quality testing equipment you need to perform a thorough mold inspection on your own home or business.

Our Ultimate Mold Inspection package includes:

  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Mold —With this complete guide to recognizing, removing and preventing mold, you will learn how to inspect for mold, how to remove mold and how to keep it from coming back. This book also includes information on dealing with insurance companies if you’re thinking of submitting a mold damage claim, selecting reliable mold removal contractor, and knowing when you need one. Includes standard procedures and costs for mold remediation, testing, and repair work from RSMeans, the nation’s best-known construction cost authority.   more »
  • Sonin Moisture Test Tool —Professional Mold Inspectors look for trapped moisture behind walls floors and ceilings to locate hidden mold. With this simple Moisture Test Tool, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers can quickly locate hidden mold themselves.   more »
  • (2) Instant Mold Test Kits —This kit tests surfaces for mold, allowing you to determine whether a substance is mold in approximately 10 minutes without returning the kit to our laboratory. If the substance turns out to be mold, optional laboratory analysis is available to determine whether the mold is an allergenic, pathogenic or toxigenic organism. This optional laboratory analysis is available for $30.   more »
  • Air Check Mold Test Kit —This equipment is used to accurately identify and quantify mold in the air you breath and is the same equipment used in the field by Certified Industrial Hygienists & Certified Mold Inspectors. The Air Check Mold Testing Kit includes the Air Check Pump Rental (10 days); 2 free test cassettes, free return shipping, all laboratory fees for complete analysis of non-toxic and toxic mold, and toll free telephone consultation and interpretation of your results.
When should you use the Air Check Mold Test Kit?
View a video explanation on our Choosing A Mold Test Kit page

Easy to use – anyone can do it!

Just watch the video to see how easy it is to use the Air Check Mold Test Kit!

How many test cassettes should I order?

You should order one cassette for each floor of your home or office, and an additional cassette for the outside control sample.

If your home or office is large, you may wish to order one cassette for every 1,000 square feet.

If you have an area of special concern (i.e. an area with water damage, musty smell or mold growth) we recommend that you perform a test in that area as well as a test in an unaffected portion of the house or office.

Example: Two story 3000 square foot home with a basement and a bad smell coming from the hall bathroom. Take one test in the hall bathroom, one test somewhere else on the first floor, one test upstairs, one test in the basement, and one outside (take the outside test at least ten feet from the house).

Air Check Pump Rental Agreement: The Air Check Pump must be shipped back to us no later than ten (10) days after your receipt of the Pump. As long as you ship back the Pump within the ten day time period, the Pump rental is FREE. In the event you do not ship back the Pump within the ten day time period, you authorize and agree that your credit card will be charged overtime fees of $25.00 per day, up to a maximum overtime fee of $600.00.

You MUST agree to the Rental Agreement by typing your full name into the box on your shopping cart page, in order to check out with this item in your shopping cart.

Your kit includes two free cassettes; additional cassettes are also available below.

Ultimate Mold Inspection Pkg: $199.95


Need a copy of the Air Check Instruction Manual?
You can download it from our Instructions for Test Kits page