Water Alarm with Remote Sensor

Sonin Water Alarm with Remote Sensor


Identify water leaks before mold has a chance to get started!


Even a minor, hidden water leak untreated can result in major mold problems, and thousands of dollars in damage.  And a severely mold-contaminated house can’t be lived in or sold!  Once moisture combines with dust or mold-friendly materials like drywall, mold can start growing and spreading in as little as 24-48 hours.

Use this Water Alarm to help prevent costly mold and water damage which may not be covered by insurance. Just place the sensor (suction cup up) under a sink, water heater, next to your sump pump, or anywhere else an unexpected water leak may occur. The 85 decibel alarm will sound (for up to 3 days) if water bridges between the two contacts. The alarm can be table, shelf, or wall mounted away from the sensor. This Water Alarm can warn of leaks and overflows in bath, kitchen, laundry, furnace, computer rooms or anywhere there is a potential for leaks.

  • Circuit test bar ensures system is working. Low battery signal tells user when it’s time to replace the battery
  • Alerts user within hearing range that water has reached desired level when used to monitor the filling of pool, tubs, sinks, aquariums and more
  • An ideal backup system for sump and bilge pumps in residential, commercial and marine applications
  • Sensor and alarm can be placed up to six feet apart
  • Loud (85dB) decibel buzzer

Sounds for up to three days. Perfect for unattended filling of bathtubs, pools, spas, etc. Use the suction cup to attach the sensor to any smooth vertical surface. The buzzer will sound when the water reaches both metal contacts on the sensor.

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