Test Kits

Dangerous molds and other allergens may be lurking even in the cleanest home, making you sick. The most common indoor allergens are produced from mold, pets, dust mites, cockroaches, pollen & dust. Stachybotrys, the black mold, has been linked to fatal lung disorders.

Each of our Testing Kits utilize patented laboratory analytical methods for accuracy and reliability.

If you need help deciding which mold testing kit is right for you, please call our toll free Customer Service line at 1-877-405-2191!

Air Check Professional Mold Test

Air Check Professional Mold Test: $169 | View Product

Instant Mold Test Kit

Instant Mold Test Kit: $14.95 ea. | View Product

Free Mold Test Kits

Lift Tape Mold Analysis Kit: Free + S&H | View Product

Viable Mold Test Kit

Viable Mold Test Kits: $9.95 ea. | View Product

Sonin Moisture Test Tool

Sonin Moisture Test Tool: $14.95 ea. | View Product

Complete House Mold Screening Package

Complete House Screen Pkg: $61.95 | View Product

Mold Inspection Package

Mold Inspection Pkg: $84.95 | View Product

Ultimate Mold Inspection Package

Ultimate Mold Inspection Pkg: $199.95 | View Product